Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Power of Caring

I work for a wonderful company in Michigan called ForeSee Results ( As one of the first employees, my first day on the job occurred two weeks after September 11, 2001. We now have over 130 employees and growing - even in that economy and even in today's economy....even in Michigan.

You may not have heard of us yet, but you will. Why? Because most everyone who works here cares. We care if our customers are upset or need something. We care if our fellow coworker is upset or needs something. And when you care enough, you can do anything.

The company measures customer satisfaction of websites. If you go to or, you'll probably see ForeSee Results gathering the voice of the "little people" - the visitors to those websites who would not otherwise have a voice in how the site is run. We not only help the managers of those websites make more intelligent business decisions based directly on people who visit those sites, but we help the actual people visiting those sites - you and me. And we care when you complete the survey (how else could we collect this feedback). We care about what works for you on the site, and what doesn't. And we help your voice to be heard.

For managers of those sites, we help to differentiate between the voices that are loud merely because they're angry, and what's loud because it's important.

My job is to provide credible, accurate, and reliable voice-of-visitor feedback to the people in charge of these websites in a way that allows them to confidently prioritize web changes (based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index -

I don't get paid to write this, and I'm certainly not trying to sell anything. It's my voice in Michigan stating that there are companies and people here who care deeply about helping others and growing together.

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