Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Charity versus Giving

I've started thinking more aboutgiving - the at of sharing resources and knowledge to others who need it. Creating groups that build connection. For example, connecting nonprofit donation recipients with the donors of that money.

Connecting people who need jobs with those who have jobs to give (pink-slip parties)

Connecting website visitors with people who run website

Connecting Senior Citizens with technology to give them a voice in this world.

Connecting students with politicians to give them a voice in this world.

Think tanks maybe. But with more authentic connection??

Friday, October 17, 2008


"How we speak defines who we are", or is it "who we are defines how we speak". In any case, if my company comes across as cold, uncaring, profit-hungry, that is the face potential customers see.

If, however, I want to come across as a friend - a friend who understands what you've been thru, your insecurities, and your strengths, then I have to speak your language. Yet so many businesses fail to recognize this somewhat obvious point.

If I want to market to the Non-Profit Industry, I do not go in there touting my recent presentation of "how to make $50 in 50 minutes" (completely fictitious presentation by the way). I have to put myself in the shoes of someone heading a Non-Profit Industry. What challenges are they facing? What keeps them up at night? And How can I help?

I will build all of my presentations around that answer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spending Smarter

Seth Godin said " If you're going across town, you're very specific: "188 Fifth Avenue, on the east side of the street please."

On the other hand, when you go on vacation, you tell people, "I'm going to Paris," not "we're going to 8 rue du Cherche-Midi." And if you're going even farther than that, you skip the city and country altogether and just say, "we're going to Africa.

Short version: If you want people to embrace your version of the future, talk about it like it's right around the corner, not on another planet."

SO, when we keep hearing the $700 Billion Dollar Bailout - that might as well be Mars. What does this mean to you and me? What should WE - the general public - be doing now to help lessen the hit we're taking in this market? The Answer: Spend Smarter. Make choices now about where you are putting your money - are you giving it to McDonald's to buy one meal or are you giving it to your local farmer to so you can feed your family for a few days?

Pay yourself first - this rule confused me when I was younger. I thought it meant I could pay myself first by purchasing a cool shirt I saw at Macy's. Then I realized that, when I do this, I am paying Macy's first. Follow the cash. Paying yourself first means putting the money in the bank - yes, the bank - and saving it for the smarter choices you will make when you do spend your hard-earned money.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Passion vs. Pragmatism

Do practical considerations block your passion? Should they? How do you know when you're being practical vs letting fear prevent you from your passion?