Friday, October 17, 2008


"How we speak defines who we are", or is it "who we are defines how we speak". In any case, if my company comes across as cold, uncaring, profit-hungry, that is the face potential customers see.

If, however, I want to come across as a friend - a friend who understands what you've been thru, your insecurities, and your strengths, then I have to speak your language. Yet so many businesses fail to recognize this somewhat obvious point.

If I want to market to the Non-Profit Industry, I do not go in there touting my recent presentation of "how to make $50 in 50 minutes" (completely fictitious presentation by the way). I have to put myself in the shoes of someone heading a Non-Profit Industry. What challenges are they facing? What keeps them up at night? And How can I help?

I will build all of my presentations around that answer.

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  1. that is true with interpersonal relationships as well...

    I thought about your comments last nihgt adn addressed them in today's blog. a very good perspective!